Discovery Preschool

The Discovery Preschool room is our three year old classroom. Children in this program have mastered many of the skills presented and fostered in the Movers & Groovers room and are starting to become more interested in academic learning.


The teachers in the Discovery Preschool program follow a scheduled routine while incorporating learning experiences through activities and play. Children in this room continue to work on potty training if they haven’t already mastered it and continue working on their self-help skills. The Discovery Preschool children continue to build upon their mathematical thinking, their curiosity, their social interactions, and much more! 

Our Discovery Preschool friends work on their social skills daily. They learn to use manners and kind words with the guidance of the teachers. Students participate in more cooperative play in this classroom but are encouraged to play independently as well. They are able to explore different centers within the classroom at various times throughout the day.


Children nap between 12 PM and 2 PM each day, during which the lights are dimmed and soft music is played to help them relax and refresh before the afternoon activities.

Parents of our Discovery Preschool friends provide a lunchbox with nutritious snacks and a lunch, a crib sheet and blanket for rest, lots of changes of clothing, and diapers if necessary.

1160 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106