Little Scholars

Little Scholars is our pre-kindergarten program designed to promote readiness for the public schools. Children in our Little Scholars classroom are learning new things each day and building upon their skills.


The teacher provides the students with multiple academic, social, and artistic projects and challenges each day to promote growth and development and to help blossom their little minds. Students in this program participate in a full curriculum based on themes, academic and developmental goals, and individualized goals based on the teacher’s observations and assessments. The curriculum includes Letter of the Week, Number of the Week, name recognition, early literacy and numeracy, music and movement, social play, and so much more. The Little Scholars' teacher utilizes the Kindergarten Readiness Markers present in the NH Early Learning Standards to prepare each child for the next step in their education.


A rest period is offered to children between 12 PM and 2 PM each day to allow them to relax their bodies and nap if they need to.

Parents of children in our Little Scholars program continue to provide a sheet and blanket for rest, a lunchbox with nutritious snacks and a lunch, and changes of clothing. Children in this classroom must be fully independent for toileting.

1160 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106