1160 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106

Littlest Apples

The Littlest Apples in our program receive care based on their individual needs and developmental goals. Our infant program starts at 6 weeks old and continues until the child is confidently walking and ready to progress to the next room.


We maintain a 1:4 ratio in this classroom at all times. Our children enjoy sensory play, hugs and cuddles, and personalized schedules while in the Littlest Apples room. The children participate in a focus art project each week to coincide with the program’s center-wide themes. Our teachers are trained in early growth and development to ensure each child is receiving the ultimate care and love each and every day.


Each child in our Littlest Apples room has their own crib which the program provides the appropriate linens for. The program provides wipes for diaper changes and asks parents to provide all necessary bottles and food as well as diapers and changes of clothing.


The Littlest Apples program utilizes daily notes as a form of communication between the teachers and parents to record daily routines, activities, and supply requests.