Movers & Groovers

Our Movers & Groovers are our two-year-old toddler friends ready for fun and exploration! Children in this program learn through a curriculum based on a weekly theme and personalized developmental goals for each child.


The teachers in this room provide exciting experiences throughout the day and encourage self-discovery among the group. Children enjoy a circle time, a daily story and art project, music and movement, and lots of play! The teachers follow a flexible schedule and predictable routines in this room to accommodate the different ages and individual needs of each child. We understand that each child is unique and work alongside the parents to ensure the child is receiving the proper guidance they need to continue developing into a healthy and happy toddler!


The goals in the Movers & Groovers program include self-feeding using forks and open cups, promoting independent and parallel play skills, sitting unassisted in chairs, and improving upon their speech and language. The children take one nap between 12 PM and 2 PM  each day.


The Movers & Groovers program continues to utilize daily notes as a form of communication between parents and teachers to convey daily routines and activities.

1160 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106