Wonderful Ones

Our Wonderful Ones program allows our toddlers to continue to build upon their developmental goals while receiving loving care. Children typically move into this program when they turn a year old and are moving around more independently.

The Wonderful Ones program maintains a 1:5 ratio at all times. The children enjoy hands on activities and exploratory play. They begin to follow more of a toddler schedule, but the teaching staff is able to follow the children's lead for daily routines and needs.

The children continue to participate in art projects. They are encouraged to explore various media for their projects and sensory play. The teaching staff continues to reinforce sign language in conjunction with verbal communication. The children enjoy daily music and movement as well as lots of reading!

Children are offered a morning snack from their lunchbox, a nutritious lunch provided by their parents, and an afternoon snack after rest time.

Children transition to a rest mat in this room during their afternoon nap. We ask parents to provide a crib sheet and blanket for rest time . Children are able to use a "lovie" and pacifier during rest time as well. The program provides wipes for diaper changes and asks parents to provide all necessary drinks and food as well as diapers and changes of clothing.

The Wonderful Ones program continues to utilize daily notes as a form of communication between the teachers and parents to record daily routines, activities, and supply requests.

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