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Daycare Center

Little Apples

Day Care & Learning Center

Quality care and education you can trust

Open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Offering enrollment on a FULL TIME basis for children 6 weeks old through Pre-Kindergarten

Our Educational Programs

Quality care for children 6 weeks through Pre-K

Cute Baby Crawling


6 weeks to 1 year

Our infant program cares for babies with a 1:4 ratio from 6 weeks to 12 months old. Our Infant 1 program is for our littlest friends, from 6 weeks to about 6 months, and our Infant 2 program is for approximately 6 months until shortly after their first birthday.
Children in the infant program enjoy personalized schedules based on their needs for feeding and sleeping. Our teachers are trained in early growth and development to ensure each child is receiving the ultimate care, attention, and love each and every day.
Parents of children in the infant classroom provide diapers, premade bottles, food as appropriate, and 3-4 changes of clothing.

Young Toddlers

Our young toddler program allows our toddlers to continue to reach their developmental goals while receiving individualized attention and care. Children typically move into this program when they turn a year old and are walking independently.
This program maintains a 1:5 ratio at all times. The children enjoy hands on activities and exploratory play. They begin to follow more of a toddler schedule, and the teaching staff is able to follow the children's lead for daily routines and needs.

Playing toddlers

Older Toddlers

Children enrolled in this program enjoy a consistent schedule and predictable routines to meet their daily needs. Activities include circle time, stories and art projects, music and movement, and lots of play! The teaching staff understands that each child is unique, and we work alongside the parents to ensure the child is receiving the proper guidance and care they need to continue developing into a healthy and happy toddler.


Our preschool friends enjoy a full curriculum based on play and hands-on experiences. They participate in a daily circle time where they discuss the weather, the days of the week, their colors, numbers, and so much more.
As three years old is a very social and curious age, they practice their social skills daily. They learn to use manners and kind words with the guidance of the classroom teachers. Students participate in more cooperative play in this classroom but are encouraged to play independently and make individual choices as well. They are able to explore different centers within the classroom at various times throughout the day. The preschool children continue to build upon their mathematical thinking, creativity, curiosity, social interactions, and joy of learning every day!

Playing in Nursery
Children playing at kindergarden


Four and five year olds

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to promote readiness for the public schools. Children in this program are learning new things each day and building upon their skills learned in previous classrooms. The teachers provide the students with multiple academic, social, and creative adventures and challenges each day. Children participate in a full curriculum based on themes, academic and developmental goals, and individualized goals based on the teacher’s observations and assessments. The curriculum includes a weekly letter and number, name recognition, literacy and numeracy, music and movement, social play, and much more.

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